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View your RAW format files with this little, easy to use image viewer
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RAW is an image format that holds data from a digital camera viewer that are minimally processed, hence its name. The advantages of this format are, among others, that it allows a more precise control of the image processing, letting users to adjust manually more parameters and thus producing higher-quality images. On the other hand, RAW files are very big and you need an advanced image editor for managing them since they aren't compatible with simpler programs. This is where this little program comes in. It lets you view your RAW files quickly before opening them with another, more advanced and resource-consuming program. It has a very simple interface where you can select the folder holding your RAW files. Once you have selected the folder, the program will show you a list or a series of thumbnails of the files, depending on their format. Then, you can double-click on any of them to view it in full scale. Is that simple? Nevertheless, is all you can do with it. It has no editing capabilities nor any other advanced features. The program is also compatible with other graphic formats like JPG, BMP and GIF, and it is absolutely free to use and distribute.

Victor Hernandez
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